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It is when we are up against something hard and dark that change is possible.

If you pay attention, there are many things you can learn from being in nature and applying the observations to a life circumstance. Over the years, either by intention or more spontaneously, I have noticed many things from being in nature, and experiencing other life events, that I can apply to directly to myself or life in general. I hope to share some of these lessons here and encourage others to share any events that you have experienced that has helped you to see things from a different perspective and live life with a little more awareness.


On a cold, Winnipeg winter day (about -20 degrees Celsius) I took the opportunity to just sit in the snow. It was a beautiful sunny day so I chose a spot where I could face the sun and lean against a big rock behind me. In front of me was a snow-covered pond. As I scanned forward, it was very calm and still and nothing seemed to be moving. But then I heard a dripping sound behind my head. I turned to look and there was a slow, steady drip of water as the snow was melting. It seemed impossible that with the temperature so cold, that any melting could possibly be happening. What was the difference between the snow in front of me and that behind me? The snow in front was soft and white and seemed to be insulating itself from any possible change. The snow behind me was clinging to the dark, hard rock. My lesson: It is when we are up against something hard and dark that change is possible.

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