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When your heart needs tending

Slow Down, Get Quiet, Question Everything

If you find yourself somewhere in the middle stage of life, in the liminal space between what has been familiar up until now and an unknown and different future, I want you to know that feelings like confusion, fear, grief and anger are completely normal…and you’re not alone.

The way I see it, middle life is an essential stage in life that naturally slows our bodies and minds down so that we can give more attention to our hearts and our souls. Middle life is an opportunity to reflect on the important lessons learned in life up until this point so that we can trust the wisdom from our own experiences rather than seeking direction from so-called experts.

My middle life mission is to support you to slow down, get quiet, and explore the questions that access your unique wisdom to live your life with more peace, joy, and purpose

Hi, I'm Patti

And I've hosted hundreds of conversations with middle life on one, in circles, and during retreats. By creating spaces where curiosity is at the heart,  we're able to explore provocative questions and share stories that lead to healing and meaning.

For almost 15 years I've been learning about this middle stage of life and trying my best to rebel against how the dominant culture tells me I should be responding to the natural aging process.

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The Invitations of Middle Life

Women Holding Hands

Heart Tending

Once we reach middle life, we've all experienced a range of emotional losses. Unfortunately, the tools we've been given to deal with grief have generally caused more harm than help. We've been encouraged to by-pass the work of healing and this has resulted in a metaphoric backpack full of unresolved emotional wounds. Emotional healing is the work of the heart...not the brain. Grief is not a mental health issue.


Aligning is the ongoing practice of matching our inner world with our outer world. It's the never ending journey of self exploration, discovery of our authentic selves and making the daily decisions to take the actions that honour our unique gifts, values, beliefs and needs.

Middle life is the life phase in which we're invited to step into a practice of accepting ourselves as we are today so we can mature into elders who may just lead the charge of change. 


This work of heart tending and aligning can feel lonely as it's not every woman who answers the invitation to do deep inner work and healing. Those who do, I like to call tenderhearted rebels.

I offer opportunities for like-hearted women to come together so we can all feel like we belong, feel understood, and feel accepted for who and how we are.


When I decided to work with Patti, I was searching for a purpose: direction for my life at 60. I was feeling lost, uninspired, alone, aimless. In our conversations, I made important discoveries about my authentic self and what my purpose could be at this time in my life. Today, I feel less alone on my journey and am excited about the creative ways I’m exploring joy and nature in my life, inspiring others and living with purpose!


Patti's intentional, thoughtful and intuitive art of coaching provides conversations and experiences that steer me towards mindfully asking questions through an appreciative lens. I've walked away with unexpected learning and incredible insights that have transformed the way I approach my everyday life. Although it is me who has done the work, it is the safety of a circle of women who inspire, challenge, love and nurture me in this middle life stage. 


I could continue to surround myself with "stuff" never really getting close to the "stuff" that makes me special. For me to love my own essence of being, I had to go outside of my current environment. Since doing so, I have had a greater sense of happiness and being at peace.  I have become more confident in my relationships and stronger in my decision making process.  The support and questions that I get from Patti have been the key to this growth.  Middle life has been the right time in to start investing in myself, having all those around me benefit from the return.


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