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What is a guided forest therapy walk?
Woman Walking in Forest

Forest therapy is an evidence based practice intended to help us reconnect with ourselves, other humans and the more-than-human world. By immersing ourselves in nature, slowing down, paying attention to the wonder that surrounds us and tapping into our senses, we may begin to see and relate to our earth, ourselves, and each other in new, grounded, and healing ways. 

A forest therapy walk, also known as “forest bathing”, is a guided experience that is typically 1.5-3 hours long. The distance covered on a walk is minimal, as the focus is on being present to the moment. It is not a hike, a social outing, or a nature identification activity. 


As a Certified Forest Therapy Guide, I offer a series of mindful activities that invite participants to interact with the natural environment in ways that enhance awareness, wellbeing and healing. Invitations are offered to encourage connection to nature, to yourself, and to the other participants. My role is to open the doorways for you to experience the therapeutic power of the forest. 


Participants explore the invitations individually and gather in a group circle (even if it's just the participant and the guide) after each invitation for the opportunity to share their noticings. Telling our own stories and hearing those of others is a powerful way to plant those stories within us and make them a part of our growth journeys. The walk ends with a final circle that includes the drinking of tea that has been made from a plant that was encountered during the walk. 


As a result of a forest therapy walk, participants often feel very relaxed, peaceful and connected. Many people have profound experiences, gaining meaningful insight and lessons about themselves and their lives. 


A core intention of this practice is to invite people out of their regular way of being, step into the wild edge where new or renewed wisdom from our true nature can rise up, and to take that (re)newed wisdom back into everyday life. 




Why go with a guide? 

While the natural environment is the therapist, the guide helps open the doors of connection. Sometimes we all need a bit of guidance to help us quiet our minds and drop into our senses. By guiding an intentional, gentle flow of a forest therapy walk, guides provide a safe and exploratory environment to allow participants to have their own experiences and reach new levels of awareness and deep connections with the more than human world that may be difficult to attain on their own. Forest therapy guides do not prescribe the experiences that participants should have during a walk, but rather they help to reawaken the true nature, the authentic self that lies within all of us – however dormant it may seem. 

Contact Patti to explore your options.

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