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Grief Guidance and the Grief Recovery Method

When we experience loss or a significant change in our lives, it results in emotional stress to the heart. As much as our brain may try to rationalize the event and try to avoid acknowledging the uncomfortable feelings, the heart's response is an authentic expression of the emotional experience. This response is grief. Many people have been taught that grief occurs only when someone we care about dies. But grief is the normal and natural response to the more than 40 life experiences that often lead to significant emotional distress.

The Grief Recovery Method®, is an educational and support program with proven action steps to help people work with the emotional pain caused by significant loss and/or change. It offer a space to look at old beliefs about dealing with loss and acknowledge the various losses that have affected one’s life. It provides the guidance to take new actions and combined with witnessing of the heart's experience, leads to relief from the pain attached to those losses. As part of the program, a copy of the Grief Recovery Handbook is included.

As a life coach, it’s essential that I have something in my toolkit to support people when the pain of unresolved grief gets in the way of living life with a sense of peace, joy and purpose. That's why I became certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist.

The program takes place over the course of 7 sessions. The fee is flexible in my attempt to acknowledge and respond to the injustices and inequities for different people in the world. The regular program fee is $1000. For those who are challenged financially, the recommended fee is between $600-$800. For those who are in a position to offset the cost for others who struggle to pay the regular fee without sacrificing a basic need, the recommended fee is $1200.


Please contact me if you'd like to explore this service option.

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